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Web Design (UI Developer)
Web Designer (UI)

Due to the flexibility and powerful features of website is in need, demand has grown for responsive HTML5, Bootstrap and CSS web. We are a focused enterprise that strongly believes in empowering minds with multi skills and enlightening them for current and future need. It making us best web design training institute in Pimpri Chinchwad.

  • Basic knowledge of internet concepts.
  • Basic knowledge of any Programming Language concepts.
Can I just enroll in a single course?

Yes, You can enroll for any single course. Prior you have to send us an email or enquiry for the same.

Can I enroll for this course without any IT background?

Yes. You can enroll but you will have to work hard for learning from the scratch.

What is the refund policy?

Yes. 70% amount can be refunded in case of enrollment cancellation is done in between 1-15 days from starting of course.

What background knowledge is necessary?

You must have basic knowledge of any programing language.

Do i need to take the courses in a specific order?

Yes, we always recommend that course has to be taken from topics/subjects order to undestand better.

Web Design using HTML5,CSS3,BootStrap4

HTML5 and CSS3 language makes your website beautiful and stylish. Bootstrap advantage lies in its open source usability. It could save a lot of time for UI developers

Web Design (UI) using HTML5,CSS3,BootStrap4

Introductions and Basics of HTML5
   Html5 DTD
   WBR tag

New Updates about Multimedia
   Audio Tag
   Audio Tag Attribute
   Video Tag
   Video tag attribute

HTML5 New Forms Elements
   Html forms
   Adding CSS to Form
   Validating Email address
   Validating Numbers
   Date input and its attributes
   Date with week and month
   Time Input and Date Time Local Input
   URL and search field
   The required attribute and form validation
   Range Input
   Color input
   Input List and Datalist Tag
   Multiple File Uploader
   Adding Placeholder
   Autofocus and No Validate

The Canvas Tag
   Intro to Canvas
   Creating a simple Canvas And Rectangle
   Creating a Line
   Creating a Circle

CSS3 new way
   Intro to CSS3
   BorderRadius Property
   Box Shadow
   Linear Gradient
   Linear Gradient more
   Radial Gradient
   Text Shadow
   White Space, Overflow and Text Over Flow
   Word Wrap and Word Break
   Font Face
   Transform, translate
   Transform Rotate, Skew and Scale

Transition & Animation Effects on CSS3
   Transition Effects
   Animation Effects

The Professional Webpage Using HTML5 & CSS3 Techniques
   Creating the complete webpage layout
   Creating the CSS Layout
   Completing the Basic Layout
   Creating header and Navigation
   Creating the Article area
   Creating Aside Area
   Completing the Project with Simple CSS
   Adding Border Radius Property
   Adding Font Face to the Project
   Adding Transition Property
   Adding Animation to the Project
   Adding some more Animation

Bootstrap 4.1 Introduction
    Bootstrap Home
    Bootstrap Overview
    Bootstrap Environment Setup

Bootstrap with CSS
    Bootstrap Grid System
    Bootstrap CSS Overview
    Bootstrap Typography
    Bootstrap Code
    Bootstrap Tables
    Bootstrap Forms
    Bootstrap Buttons
    Bootstrap Images
    Bootstrap Helper Classes
    Bootstrap Responsive utilities

Layout Components
    Bootstrap Glyphicons
    Bootstrap Dropdowns
    Bootstrap Button Groups
    Bootstrap Button Dropdowns
    Bootstrap Input Groups
    Bootstrap Navigation Elements
    Bootstrap Navbar
    Bootstrap Breadcrumb
    Bootstrap Pagination
    Bootstrap Labels
    Bootstrap Badges
    Bootstrap Jumbotron
    Bootstrap Page Header
    Bootstrap Thumbnails
    Bootstrap Alerts
    Bootstrap Progress Bars
    Bootstrap Media Object
    Bootstrap List Group
    Bootstrap Panels
    Bootstrap Wells

Bootstrap Plugins
    Bootstrap Plugins Overview
    Bootstrap Transition Plugin
    Bootstrap Modal Plugin
    Bootstrap Dropdown Plugin
    Bootstrap Scrollspy Plugin
    Bootstrap Tab Plugin
    Bootstrap Tooltip Plugin
    Bootstrap Popover Plugin
    Bootstrap Alert Plugin
    Bootstrap Button Plugin
    Bootstrap Collapse Plugin
    Bootstrap Carousel Plugin
    Bootstrap Affix Plugin


Domain Based Project
60 Assignments
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