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Spark and Scala
Spark and Scala

There is an increasing demand for Scala and Spark developers now days and big data companies value developers who are master in data analysis and processing in Apache Spark the fastest framework. We are a focused enterprise that strongly believes in empowering minds with multi skills and enlightening them for current and future need. It making us best spark and scala training institute in Pimpri Chinchwad.

  • Basic knowledge of Big Data Hadoop concepts.
  • Basic knowledge of any Programming Language/OOP's concepts.
  • Minimum i3 processor machine with 8GB RAM.
  • Windows 7/8/10 Or Ubuntu/Linux any stable OS.
Can I just enroll in a single course?

Yes, You can enroll for any single course. Prior you have to send us an email or enquiry for the same.

Can I enroll for this course without any IT background?

Yes. You can enroll but you will have to work hard for learning from the scratch.

What is the refund policy?

Yes. 70% amount can be refunded in case of enrollment cancellation is done in between 1-15 days from starting of course.

What background knowledge is necessary?

You must have basic knowledge of any programing language and dbms/sql.

Do i need to take the courses in a specific order?

Yes, we always recommend that course has to be taken from topics/subjects order to undestand better.

Spark and Scala

Apache Spark is an open source distributed processing framework and technology that manages huge data processing and storage for applications running in faster and optimized way.

Hadoop Overview                                      
    Need of Hadoop technology
    Overview of Data centers and Cluster
    Hadoop Cluster and Racks in detail
    Learning Ubuntu for Hadoop
    Overview of Hadoop tools
    Overview of Map Reduce
    Big data Concepts
    Distributed network and computation
    Challenges in data management and control
    Introduction to Big Data
    Types of data in detail
    Sources of Big Data
    Concept of Streaming data
    HDFS and Basic hadoop commands 

   Scala Overview
   Environment Setup
   Basic Syntax
   Data Types
   Classes & Objects
   Access Modifiers
   Loop Statements
   Pattern Matching
   Regular Expressions
   Exception Handling
   Files I/O
Apache Spark
   Download and Install Apache Spark 2 x
   Introduction to Spark Shell
   Spark RDDs Part 1
   Spark RDDs Part 2
   RDD Transformations
   Introduction to IDEs
   Creating Spark Project with Eclipse Maven
   Creating Spark Context and RDD in Spark 1 x style
   Creating Spark Context and RDD in Spark 2 x style
   RDD Basics Working with CSV Files
   RDD Basics Saving RDD to a Text File
   Introduction to Spark DataFrame
   Creating DataFrame using Spark 1 x Style
   Creating DataFrame using Spark 2 x Style
   Creating DataFrame with CSV file in Spark 1 x Style
   Creating DataFrame with CSV file in Spark 2 x Style
   Creating Multiple Spark Context in Spark 1.x
   Creating Multiple Spark Sessions Spark 2 x
   Working with Different File Formats - ORC, JSON, Parquet
   Working with Avro Files
   Applying Own Schema to the DataFrame
   Basic Operations on DataFrame
   Temporary Tables Spark 1 x Style
   Temporary Tables Spark 2 x Style
   Introduction to Datasets
   Creating a Dataset
   Basic Dataset Operations
   Dataset vs DataFrame Performance
   Setting Up Spark 2 on Cloudera Quick Start VM
   Running Spark Job in Yarn/cluster Mode From IDE - Approach 2
   Connecting To MySQL From Spark Job
   Transformations On MySQL Table - DataFrame API
   Query Push Down to MySQL Database
   Writing Spark DataFrame to MySQL Table
   Creating Partitioned Table with Spark
   Creating External Table with Spark
   Spark insertInto Method
   Spark 2 Catalog API - How to create a Hive Table
   What are Spark built-in functions and how to use them?
   What are UDFs in Apache Spark and How to Create and use an UDF - Approach 1
   Creating UDF and use with Spark SQL
   Introduction to Catalog API
   Cluster Architecture
   Work Flow
   Installation Steps
   Basic Operations
   Producer Example
   Consumer Group Example
   Integration With Spark
   Real Time Application(Twitter)
   Tools and Applications

Domain Based Project With Real Time Data
60 Assignments

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